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How to attract the attention of generation Z and the Millennials towards linear TV, in a context of

Este ensayo es parte de una publicación global de TheNetworkone media essay 2018.

The consumption of linear TV in Argentina has decreased since 2015 with people turning to other devices and display formats. TV ratings fell by 11.8% between 2016 and 2017, while during the same period online video consumption grew by 49% and on-demand video viewing by 146%.

All generations tend to consume multiplatform content, but generation Z and the Millennials (both digital natives) are the ones who have most altered their content consumption habits.

When we analyze rating measurement we see that the highest peak in generation Z is 5.65 rating points and in the Millennials it reaches 7 points, while in boomers and silents the rating jumps to 18.2, figures that indicate that open TV has a high audience makeup among the 55 year olds and over.

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